Image of Lilly Dilly's bespoke button holes made using feathers and a button laid on a slice of wood


Are you getting married, going to a big event or special occasion soon?

I’m sure you’re already dreaming about your outfit or planning what to wear, but have you thought about the little details?

Here at Lilly Dilly’s I create bespoke, hand crafted, accessories for men, women, children and pets that brings your look to life and give you that one of a kind, personalised touch, because that’s what bespoke means, to have something that’s as individual and unique as you are and reflects who you are at heart.

Customers and fellow business owners often ask me what makes bespoke items and accessories different from off the shelf purchases so here are my top 5 reasons to explain why you should be buying bespoke for your next special outfit or occasion.




Getting exactly what you want!

Made to order means you can have a unique piece designed and created exactly as you want it to be, that reflects who you are and your special day or event. It can be as individual, personal, quirky, stylish or as wild as you wish!





Your Choices!

Bespoke items are made from ‘scratch’, which means there is no ‘collection’ or ‘ready made’ stock that you have to pick from. Every part of the design process involves YOU, so from choosing the colours, style, design or look, and the elements used to finally creating the finished piece, it is all your choice.





The vast majority of bespoke items are handcrafted and that is absolutely the case with Lilly Dilly’s. Handcrafted items are made using highly skilled techniques and a great attention to detail. This results in the finished piece being lovingly made and to the highest of quality.





Time, Effort & Love!

When you are an Artisan and a ‘maker’ of all things bespoke, you do that job because you are passionate about your ‘craft’. When I make an accessory for a client, my heart and soul goes into each and every stage of the process from start to finish. Hours and hours of creativity, design, love and passion come together to create an item that can be worn by the owner with pride. To see the happiness on a client’s face when they see the finished product for the first time, fills the creator with a huge sense of accomplishment.






Stand out in the crowd! 

If you are anything like me, when I attend an event, function or special occasion, I like to be wearing something different to everyone else, not just for my outfit but my accessories too. Even as a child growing up, I was very ‘fashion’ conscious and loved ‘styling’ so even for something simple like a children’s birthday party, I would customise my outfit to ensure no one else was wearing the same! Bespoke gives you an item that is truly unique to you, at the same time being not only an item but a keepsake too.

So for those memorable occasions, for a reflection of your style and personality, I urge you to choose ‘bespoke’ items each and every time. For more inspiration and ideas please follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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